Scribbler, The 2014
New Artists Alliance (2014)
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
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IMDB   6.0
1 hr 28 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   R
Katie Cassidy Suki
Eliza Dushku Silk
Michelle Trachtenberg Alice
Sasha Grey Bunny
Kunal Nayyar Karem
John Suits
Producer Gabriel Cowan
Jack Heller
Writer Dan Schaffer
Cinematography Mark Putnam
Musician Alec Puro

Based on writer artist Dan (DOGHOUSE) Shaffer’s celebrated graphic novel comes a thrilling blend of sci-fi action, film noir and mind-bending slasher. ·Dealing with multiple-personality disorder, Suki moves into a halfway house for recently released mental patients. But residents are dying at an alarming rate in the facility as dissociative Suki undergoes an experimental procedure to cure her illness involving ‘The Siamese Burn’ machine designed to eliminate her unwanted identities. But she's losing time, and the machine is changing, doing something new, something that turns her world inside out and highlights the dangers of mechanical thinking in an organic world.
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